About Us//

Core Business Activity

  • Procurement of quality Farm-reared shrimps
  • Processing of procured shrimps based on customer requirements
  • Meeting Quality Control and Food Safety requirements
  • Packaging as per international market requirements
  • Sales and marketing of finished products to international markets

Our Strength:

  • Hatcheries under Royale Marine Group having the capacity of supplying consistent quality of SPF post larvae 2.5 to 3 Billion and SPF Nauplii of 15 Billion per annum.
  • Farms under Royale Marine Group are having the production capacity of 3000 tons of high quality shrimp per annum and another 3000 tons per annum from our client’s farms.
  • Dissemination of sustainable eco friendly shrimp farming practice through our consultancy services and distribution of essential farming inputs like feed, probiotic , aerators, water quality testing equipments etc to support our farming community to produce high quality shrimp under sustainable condition.